Newby Question about folder structure / index.html pages

I want to structure my site so that users can easily go directly to subpages and not through a menu structure on the homepage. I want to make it so they don’t have to enter “.html”. Normally, I would set up sub folders and name them the name I want users to enter to access the page in that folder and name the webpage “index.html”.

I set up a folder “jackgrill” and put a webpage, “index.html” in it, but when I publish it (to the server), it gives me a “404 error” when I try to directly access the subpage.

I can’t change the slug setting to index as that is a reserved name.

What am I doing wrong?


Here is my site Read-Only:

I don’t believe that you are doing anything wrong I don’t think that webflow works in .html extension. My solution to your problem would be to use the CMS for the internal pages that you want in the folder. So “jackgrill” will become a page in the root directory and then you create a CMS collection with jackgrill as the slug. Then for anything that is within the CMS collection will have

Hope it helps

Edit: well i’ll be… I did the same as what I mentioned above but instead of using the CMS you just create a folder in your directory with jackgrill as the slug and you can put pages in there.