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Newbie Question re Dashboard Integration recommendations

Hi all,

any recommendation for no code Dashboards to integrate with webflow?

My use case is pretty simple. It is just a dashboard(s) show the different status of CMS generated pages. The status could be changed via a dropdown in the collection list page.
E.g. You select
Not Started
And this updates the dashboard

Thanks for your help

I’ve used Klipfolio before. Has lots of other integrations, which might be useful.

Doesn’t have a direct Webflow integration, but api can be used.

You could use Webflow itself, however would need some custom code to count your CMS items.

thanks @Drew_Schafer for the reply. Nice tool but looks a bit overkill for my use case.

When I think more about it I probably only want to embed some charts on a web page driven by some data from CMS / collection pages

I had a look at WEbflow UNi but doesn’t seem to be a whole lot there on charts. Anybody got any good resources on this please?

THanks all!


This might help

Or this

You could also use something like zapier or integromat to take your cms data and then write back to a different cms collection for your data you want to present.

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thanks @Drew_Schafer - will check them out now.

Also came across on showcase:

Not sure if it will work with CMS data though