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Newbie question: How to keep the "Add" panel open

Hey Folks

Just learning Webflow

Is there any way to not to have the “add” panel disappear every time I click it?

It’s a big help to be able to see the whole panel for quick scanning.

Would shorten the learning curve significantly.


Hey @threesixty


There isn’t anyway to keep the add panel open once you drag your chosen element into the design. I imagine this is to account for users with smaller screens, or for people who are editing things on the left side of the screen.

You can toggle the add panel on and off by clicking “a”
You can also see all of the shortcuts available to you by clicking “?”. For me it is actually “shift + /”

Hope this helps


Thanks Alex

I’d prefer to be able to keep it open all the time.
Maybe a “lock” button to keep the panel open so that users can choose to keep open or not.
That way everyone can set it the way that works best for them.


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Yeah, it’s a good suggestions. You can add a wishlist item to the forum to let the Webflow team know this is something you are looking for to improve your user experience.