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Newbie Question - How to Fade in a Container (Specifically Webflow's Portfolio Wireframe Template)

Hi folks! I’m brand new to Webflow (still evaluating ATM, but I’m really impressed with what I’m seeing so far form Webflow as I’m coming over from Muse). I’ve watched all the quickstart videos and am working through more as we speak (side note - these videos are fanTAStic - thank you to whomever creates these gems!)

This is probably a terribly basic question, but I downloaded Webflow’s Portfolio wireframe template to just mess around and learn as I watch the videos:

My question is - how is that first container made to slide up and fade in upon page load (it’s the container with the profile image, welcome to my portfolio text, div text block and social icons).

I’ve clicked around all over to see what the settings were, but I’m just not having any luck.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide and for helping this newbie. :slight_smile:

Hi @KPMT and welcome to the community! :smiley:

This video may help you:

Also, don’t forget to introduce yourself here:

Ah, thank you so much, @PixelGeek! I think I got stuck because I didn’t realize I needed to turn on the “Legacy Interactions” to see what had been applied to that container. Nifty!