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Newbie question Google Domains advantage?

Is there an advantage to using Google Domains? I would like to secure my domain name in an economical way that makes it easy to use webflow. I have registered past domains with Ionos but am tempted to go with Google domains. Sonos offers 25 email addresses for $2/mo. I am thinking that Google Domains will be advantageous in terms of SEO … but hesitant to spend $6/mo per user!

Welcome to the community @dladdis!

I’m guessing you’re talking about Google Workspace requiring $6/mo (per user) for custom emails? Personally unless you’ve got staff that needs to take advantage of the shared content and extra space, I’d just use the included “aliases”—aka, email forwards—that Google Domains offers (100 free per domain):

The benefit of using the Google Domain email aliases with a free Gmail account (ex: forwarding to is that you can easily use the forwarded email as the sending email as well:

For perspective, I use Hover for all of my domains, although I’m not able to send from any forwarded email addresses unless I pay for their “mailbox” which is $20/yr (as opposed to just $5/yr for a forward). I’ve seriously considered moving all of my domains over for that reason, although I prefer to support Hover and right now I’m only using one custom email mailbox.

Other than that, I’d say Google Domains is just about as good as any other registrar :+1: