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Newbie problem - layout problem: elements over elements

Apologies - someone made this site for me and I just want to add a small slider in a spare area, when I add it, the elements get pushed over eachother.
Ive watched many of the tutorials but cant get my head around why it does this.
Some guidance on this layout problem greatly appreciated.
It has to be responsive for desktop and smartphone

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Try having you ‘Hero Content’ be flex, and work from there. If you need some funky overlap you could also consider grid (in flex). Right now it’s all block/inline which makes for troublesome rearranging.

Thanks Ozone - I tried that which broke the whole section (beyond my ability) - looks like I have a long learning curve ahead of me - or maybe should use something easier(wix, wordpress) :frowning:

PS -I dont want the elements over eachother - its only when I tried to place the slider that it did that @Ozone

Ozone is suggesting something like this (I think.) image and a setting of image for Div Block 14.

Though webflow (and wix) are no-code, you do have to understand the workings of a web page layout. I’d argue that webflow gives you the most control in the easiest way. Forget wordpress, I do NOT recommend it.

If you have a couple hours to get into webflow, check out their very decent tutorials. This is the 101 basics:

If you can’t be bothered with learning how to construct a webpage (code or no-code, doesn’t matter) or you have no time to get into it and just want a site to go live, you could also consider asking for a webflow guru on the forums to build it for you, for a fair reward.

But if you’re really into learning how to build a page (or an app screen for that matter), I can recommend starting the free (and decent!) tutorials at the webflow university.

Thanks for the advice @Ozone and @TheCat
Things get weirder - turns out the second button I added created this overlap problem but when I published it, there is no ovelapping elements problem.

Crash course sounds like my style - I’ll do it !!

I’m not seeing any bad juju there. Looks cool even.There’s some things you could pretty easily do to spice up the mid section but I like it so far

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