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Newbie from SQSP

Hi, I am tryimg to replicate my Squaresapcedesign on webflow, wich should be easy IF you know what you´re doing. 15 years on SQSP I have only needed a minimum of CSS/HTML knowledge - and of course I have to pay for that now.
In desktop view it seems fine (the first section with heading/blue line/textfield with button, but when going mobile it all breaks up.
Can anyone see what I am doing wrong? I am very keen to learn and will move my personal site to WF while still deliver SQPS sites for clients

Here is the link:

First and foremost: do not use your margins and paddings for positioning elements. Use them for what they are supposed to do - create margins between objects and paddings inside elements. There are plenty of instruments for positioning that you can use. Once you get rid of all your margins and position your elements more naturally they will behave way better even on different breakpoints.

Just go through the WF courses and I promise you the questions will resolve themselves!