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Newbie- failure when showing the page

Hello Friends,

Im new into this and struggling with the viewing of the page.

(Look in the link and pictures)


do you know what this is? I tried a lot but nothing worked…

I would appreciate your support…


Hi Phil,

I wasn’t sure at which page exactly are we looking, is it the ‘1Home’ ?
If so, then the problem might be the Page Load interaction, which missing an element:

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thank you very much mates, this helped much more then expected!
you guys rock :smiley:


My pleasure! Have a rest of your weekend! Cheers!

yeah you too!:slight_smile:

But there is another problem so…

when I open it in browser:

it shows the page for a second and then disappears and it stays white.

what could this be…?

Hi @Tekso, it might be due to having the same preloader action running first at page load, then when page is also finished loading, it is being run twice. I would change that to be used just when the page finishes loading to hide the pre-loader and show the elements.

See my quick video: