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New Website - selling house plans

Hi Everyone,
Would love any constructive feedback on this new website…

Nice! How was integrating Selz?

Nice site and nice layouts. Wow, there is money in selling floor plans. lol. I was going to say that I would recommend making the chat window at the bottom be minimized by default at least on mobile… but it looks like you’ve done that!

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Because I’m in New Zealand, Stripe is not available here and intergrating Selz was the closest looking thing I could get with a super simple checkout process. Selz has been great so far!

Have you used other payment platforms to compare it to? I’ve tried many of them and gum road is one of my favorites but for some the fees are going to be a lot.

Im not sure if its a hosting speed issue but the site is a bit slow in loading up? Site looks good though :slight_smile:

I encountered the same thing. The site “sat there” for a couple seconds before anything became visible.

The site is very simple. Easy to understand.

This is a true 1 page website.

I didn’t see one interaction. But that’s fine - interactions “don’t make the site”. Usefulness does.

And I believe the site provides a lot of useful information - to visitors

  • without them having look for it.

Excellent job.


It’s hosted via Webflow…I’ve tried using a lazy loader to help initial load time but without success.

Yeah, I’ve tried most payment platforms. Gumroad is great, but they don’t seem to have any white labelled option.

I’ve now implemented a lazy loader:
The Pingdom speed test is showing the webpage at 3.8MB vs 10MB prior to adding a lazy loader.

…BUT its not showing any performance increase on the Google PageSpeed Insights (mobile:48% desktop:51%)…same as before introducing a lazy loader??