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New website launch - Singing Tutor

Hi all,

New website made in the delightful Webflow.

Take a peek here:

Always love to hear what you guys think.



Nice looking site. The general tone and style works really well.

It doesn’t look like the design has a container element. Without a container (Webflow or custom) the site can stretch to the size of any screen. This creates text with long lines and pulls elements apart that should be closer together. On my screen there are lines that are more then 100 characters long.

Generally I don’t want to hide navigation if I don’t have to. User can feel lost if they have to go searching for a menu when they enter a site. In this case a navigation bar could also be used to present a contact call to action.

The transition between testimonials is a bit fast. Feels like I’m racing a clock to read them.

An issue with the copy; There is a heading that says all ages are welcome and then immediately say ages 11+. This seems needlessly contradictory.

The “Talk to Julie” button doesn’t activate anything…
Adding some hover states to the buttons will give them a nice bit of life.

The form could be customized to tell the user more about the kind of information they should be providing. Things like their age, style of music, reason for lessons ect.

Just my two cents.

Great Job :slight_smile:

Great points, I thank you @AlexN.

I’m a newbie so it all was inspiring and good for me. I am enjoying reading the critique from Alex, it helps me learn faster. The only thing I noticed is that on the little logo that is on the left towards the top. I think there is a piece missing. There is a little curve over the “J” on the one at the bottom. Thank you for sharing.

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