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New website feedback please

Hi Webflow community,
This is my first Webflow project, and first draft of my site. I would greatly appreciate feedback on the foundation & structure before I develop it further. Just the desktop view as phone and tablet will be tidied up, with other copy and image work, once the site is finished.

There seems to be an issue with the fonts when a page loads, any insight on this is much appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Hi there, just a few tips:

  1. Depending on the type of site this is; educational, photography, portfolio, ecommerce, etc, will determine the amount of content/text. This has to be read, evaluated, interpreted and retained; all within a few minutes, at most.

  2. The answer is “White Space”. Give the visitor a chance to digest the copy on the homepage.

That’s what I think is missing :smile::blush:

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Hi Gary,
Thanks for the tip, I’ll give it some more breathing space.

Hi, thanks for your comments.