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New email footer

I noticed just a few minutes ago the following footer has begun to be applied to my email notifications. There must be a way to turn this new feature off but I can’t find it. Please help. I need to get this removed as soon as possible.

Form submissions from active Webflow hosting accounts were originally promoted as white label but the “Happy Designing, The Webflow Team” signature seemingly defeats the purpose.

Will this work?



Hi @cjc, we’re pushing a fix for this very soon. Aiming to ship it tomorrow morning to make sure “Webflow” is no longer mentioned in these emails.

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Thank you for your quick reply. Will the number of submissions received and the reference to cms hosting be removed as well? That information is currently available under the forms tab of my site settings if I need to access it. I prefer that it not go to clients that are receiving these notifications.


+1 to what @cjc said. I do not want this information sent to my clients. It would be great if you guys either remove it completely by default or make it an optional setting for us. Thanks!

Is it possible to remove this sign-off in form email notifications?

Happy designing,
The Webflow Team

I did upgrade my account to pro to have white labeling capabilities after seeing that. Does that take care of it?

Thank you!

We’re looking into making an option to show/hide this information. We’ll let you know here when that’s ready.

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Great! Thanks a lot

Piter :webflow_heart:

Actually my client is interested in receiving this information. But how can I set the counting dates? can I decide on the date the counting begins every month?

hi @Naama. The date is actually determined by your billing dates, but at this point, it cannot be changed.

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Thank you @Lindapham!