New Webflow site: Amalfitan - Guide to the Amalfi Coast

Excited to launch Amalfitan. A curated guide to Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

The editorial content and photography was written and captured by myself and @jonmuzzi. We used Webflow to design and develop the site.



Nice and clean!

Maybe adding some animations? Overlapping some elements would work as well inmho

Congratulations! Keep up the good work.

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Hey @akoysor

Nice work! I like the clean style and warm palette.

Here are a few small things I noticed:

  • No link to articles/blog from the menu
  • The header image strip doesn’t link to the towns where they are located
  • The image on the homepage under Our Recommendations is a link that goes nowhere.
  • Also it would be nice if the instagram pics had links that took you to the post.
  • Some kind of map or graphic that shows where this region is
  • As an international traveler, I would appreciate tips for transportation to the region and getting around

Again, these are just small touches that would helpful for visitors to get around and get the most out of the site. You’ve got some good bones on the site. Hope it is successful for you.

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Thank you very much for the feedback, some of which I was able to apply immediately.

  • The image on the homepage under ‘Our Recommendations’ should have been linked to the Recommendations page.

  • I’ve now linked the individual instagram pics.

  • We’ll add a link to the articles once we add more. We’ll have a page with all the articles with including the search feature.

  • Agreed on the map and information on transportation. We’ll be adding that shortly as we had a deadline for launch.

Thanks once again for the feedback, and happy to take more suggestions to cover anything we’ve missed.

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Really great work @akoysor! Nice typography. Classy, elegant, does the job well. Thank you for sharing.

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