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New Webflow session directs me to Discover instead of Dashboard

Has anyone else noticed this?

If this is a new default behaviour I personally dislike it. It feel so Microsoft-ly, forcing you to see things which are not necessarily important to you… I mean, when I log in I want to reach the dashboard and begin work on my sites, not browse other designers’ work.

Think of it on the bright side … Looking at the work might “inspire” you. :wink: Other than that I think it should lead straight to dashboard. What I do is bookmark the Dashboard and therefore when I need to go on it just press a button. :smiley:

Well, annoyance does not inspire me for sure :slight_smile:

Haha… You don’t sound to happy… I’ll send a happy face your way…:smiley:. Have a great day…:wink: Have you tried the Bookmark option? It saves so much time and you get used to it after a week. :blush:

The point is not about the bookmark option, it is about the artificial obstacle. Just clicking to “Dashboard” each time does not bother me so much on its own. What bothers me is seeing this behaviour on behalf of Webflow. It painfully reminds me of the nagging prompts to upgrade to Win 10 or Skype’s forceful updates/ etc. It is always a disturbing signal when a company tries to force specific content to its users.

I think this conversation should be tagged as a feedback conversation on how Webflow could improve rather than General. :wink:

Sounds strange - where are you logging in from? This isn’t intended behavior so any reproduction steps would be helpful, thanks!

I am logging from Bulgaria, browser is Chrome

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