New Webflow Hosting Location in Germany?

Hello everybody

During an SEO check for a new website that I am currently creating for a client,I was amazed to see that the server location is shown as Germany (Frankfurt). All previously published pages are shown as hosted in the USA. I have created and published several test pages for testing these purposes. Frankfurt is always displayed.

Are there any changes in the geographical choice of hosting and I missed that? That would be an incredibly great innovation, because as a web agency based in Switzerland/Europe, we often lose a mandate for a webflow site (or have to host the websites separately from webflow), because hosting in Europe is not possible.

Does anyone have more detailed information about this?

Here is a screenshot of the information provided by Sitechecker > Hosting Check and the link to the page I’ve used for testing:

It’s not. Fastly has edge servers around the world. You are hitting a Fastly cache and that tool you are using is not accurate.