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New Web Design from Template

Hello to all partners,

First of all introduce me and tell you that I am a beginner, I am creating my own website for my business and I am facing many problems, probably because of my little knowledge.

I bought a template with different options of navbar, sections of projects, etc etc, my idea was to work with the base of this template and mix with different parts, but they are all problems. Copying the template to my project different sections and it is impossible for me to make the interactions work, I rename everything and so an endless number of problems, in the end, I do not understand the operation of a template in webflow, on platforms such as wordpress I bought a template and works in it without problems but I feel that here it is crazy to simply use a part of the template. So complicated is it? or is it awkward of mine? I see many people commenting on the same thing about copying from one project to another sections with interactions, so what is the use of buying a template?

Thank you all.

Does the template you bought have a style guide page? Which template was it? Where did you buy it?

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for lending to help me, yes, the template I bought has a style guide, the specific template is this:

The template is purchased on the official website of Webflow, in the templates section as you can see in the link attached.

My problem is that I do not understand well how the templates are supposed to be reused, that is, I bought a HOSTING CMS, where I began to sketch the design of my website, well until there everything normal, I am in a hurry and I want something well done for what I looked for in the templates for sale that there were, and this one fitted to my needs, you have many designs and varied, so I decided to buy it. When you buy it, you are asked to create a project and create a separate project to the one I had previously and to which I have bought the Hosting.

I can not find another way to make use of the different sections, designs etc of the template, in my project added to Hosting, that by copying the content of the template to my project, I may lack information (I have killed myself to search) but I do not understand how Webflow works in this sense, I thought I could work with the template in my project and when copying things everything falls apart and I have to correct every part I copy and paste and above all and the most important and what takes more time , the interactions and animations of text and images. Is there no way that when I buy a template it will be inserted in my Hosting project?

I don’t understand what use a payment template has if I can’t just take things and have it as my design.

Thanks, I hope you can help me

I think the idea with buying a webflow template is that you modify the template into the site that you want it to be. You can’t take sections from it and use them on other websites.

From the licence " You can’t extract a single component out of a template and use it outside the scope of the End Product."

Hi Jonathan

I think I am explaining myself badly, to see if I can express myself well because I think it must be something simpler than it is.

Not that I want to hack or do business with what I bought. I want to use the pamphlet, work it, as legally the conditions say, but, I have hired Hosting, I don’t know if you have been able to see the attached image, a project called WEB, that project has Hosting, where my domain is purchased, but when I buy the default template I can’t choose where to save it.

It cannot be that for the template that I have bought I have to buy a Hosting to use it, do you understand me? That is why I am saying that since that template is not inside my Hosting in some way I have to pass the content.
I do not know if I explain myself, Weblow does not let me transfer the hosting of the project that I want to another, so since I use a template, I do not understand another way to make use of the template and upload it with my Hosting to my domain if it is not copying the content of the template.

If you buy a template now and have as I show you in the image, a project that contains nothing that is where my domain is and the hosting I pay, is where I want to make my website, how do you use the template?

I do not get it.

I want to modify the template as you tell me, but if the project that automatically creates the purchase of the template, is separated from my project that has Hosting, how is it supposed to be used?

I think that the idea of the template is that you would use the template, design your site and then host it.

You need to talk to webflow support ( and ask them to transfer your hosting plan to the Template site and not your site called “WEB”.

That, I am sorry but it makes no sense and if they have done so, they have not thought for 2 seconds. In other words, I have to know the first day I use Webflow, that I am going to buy a template?

It makes no sense and if tomorrow I want to redesign my website and I find a template that I like the most I buy it, download it and pay me another Hosting? Sorry but that has neither feet nor head, how many people have a contracted plan and download a template, I can not believe they have not thought about the possibility if I buy a template to choose if I can put that payment template in My Hosting

Thanks Jonathan, I hope that Webflow will repair this for me, because I left almost 400 dollars between plan and template so in the end I can’t do something as simple as having a template in use in my Hosting.

I don’t think templates work the same in WordPress or Wix or Weebly. There the template and the content are more separate. One click and you can change the design of your website.

Here in Webflow template and content are stuck together. You can’t just design a new template and import your content into it. It is a different way of thinking, that’s for sure.

Go to Project Settings > Hosting and you can see how to add hosting to the template and cancel it on your WEB site.

But first you should talk to Webflow support and they will help you.

Well, but regardless of how it works on other platforms, what can not be is that for example, as just happened to me, I find that I have a payment template that I can not use because I have to first buy it and then hire, Jonathan That is not how to hold it, or they should give the possibility that I can change my hosting to that template in some way, it is not a different way of thinking, it is meaningless to think that everyone from day one will decide buy a template, the templates are only for people who decide to buy them the first day when they have a free account ??? It explodes in my head.

What you tell me about adding a lodging is for a new lodging and even if I cancel the other one they have already charged me for the previous one and as far as I know, there is no button that allows me to pass the Hosting from one project to another, which I understand that I could To be something logical, to be able to have my project, to be able to work on a new design in parallel and with a click to change the project hosting, I think this is a blunder.

I will get in touch and I hope they do it because otherwise it is money wasted and I will not buy another hosting when the one I have is for that purpose.

I appreciate your help on this.

I really can empathise with your feelings here… I used to get really angry with webflow in the early days!

They absolutely will transfer the hosting to the template without any problem, I’m sure. They are very careful about making people as happy as possible.

I still think they have big problems with their pricing page (and I’ve mentioned it many time to them). And then you have the added problem of buying a template.
It is frustrating, but Webflow is amazing, and you’ll start to love it soon.

Thank you very much Jonathan I talk to them right now, I think this is something super logical and that it is not implemented in any other way, it has neither feet nor head, if we forget that the fact that each one of us has such a problem and we have to ask for a change means an additional job to them, which if we could do as users, first for us it is instantaneous and then for them much less work.

Thank you very much partner, with the answer you give me, I will let you know here but I hope it changes without any problem or impact on the request.

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