New vs. old Lottie integration

I’ve been using Lottie on my site for a couple years now, and was excited to see that Webflow has recently added more support for Lottie! I haven’t looked into the new integration yet, but was wondering if there are significant improvements to performance or anything else? In other words, should I reconfigure my site based on the new integration or leave it as is?

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Not a lottie or AE expert, but you can use interactions with lottie. This is one of the best thigs about it! You can use the Webflow interactions (scroll into view, hover, while scrolling) and combine them with your lottie sequence.

Hope this helps :webflow_heart:

Hey @PiterDimitrov,

Thanks for your answer! That sounds super cool. The way I’m using Lottie on my site is pretty basic (just a looping animation; no interaction), but I have found that it makes the fans on my computer go crazy and I had difficulty resizing the animations for mobile and tablet. Any idea if the new integration helps solve either of those problems?

Hi @tarlyo,

One main advantage of the new integration is the use of fastly CDNs. I used to host on github and it’s much faster on CDNs.