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New User, Questions about Pricing Plans

So I am currently with webydo, but have mixed feelings.

I am no longer happy with the service.

Webflow seems like a comparable platform, and in testing it, I especially liked the responsiveness of webflow vs. webydo’s editor. Much quicker, feels good.

I am looking at pricing, and am confused - I’m not a smart man.

I know I’ll need more than 1 site, so I’m looking at purchasing the “Lite” or “Pro” Account Plans.

After purchasing a Lite/Pro “Account”, will I then have to turn around and buy a “Website Plan” to add a site to the Account?

Or does the Lite/Pro Account allow you to start creating sites?

Do the sites created with Lite/Pro Accounts have limitations such as “Monthly Site Visits”, “CMS Items”, “Limited vs. Full CMS API” as delineated in the Basic/CMS/Business Website Plans?

Can sites designed with Webflow be hosted via existing hosts such as Bluehost, HostGator, GoDummy etc…?

Are there any other fees/upgrades I can expect moving forward that might be unseen at this time? Hosting/Linking to a Host? Cms Upgrade?

I’m sorry if some of my questions have already been answered by the community prior to this, but I did search around and checked even the recommended/similar questions suggested in the pop out panel.

Thank you!

I was getting frustrated with the pricing page too, so I re-wrote it. I don’t work for or have any affiliation to webflow, but some people have found it useful. It’s just a draft.