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New to Webflow; Which to choose?

As a fairly-long time user of SquareSpace, I’ve recently wanted to break away from their mold and make my site more reactive, smooth and user-friendly. I’ve done the research and tried other builders (I’m not a coder or developer aside from data analytics stuff) but I’ve landed with Webflow. The only question or issue I’ve run into before I get rolling with building a new site, is which to choose:

A UI Kit or business-modeled template?

My use-case is unique as I need static text and some images/icons but I also need reactive and responsive components such as clickable buttons to display different pricing tiers and other features. I am not building a SaaS product or a web app, only a site for my business that’s smooth, simple and reactive but can scale and grow should my capabilities or LoB’s shift.

Thank for your help and feedback!

P.S. For reference, here’s my current site that I’m looking to move away from:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@datalytyks welcome to the forum! Your case is pretty much what webflow is best at so not that unusual :slight_smile: . From looking at your website, I’d say you could easily use one of the free templates, take a look at this one

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Thanks Sarah! I actually went with the Forest UI Kit but I’m also using a free template for another site. I got my start on SquareSpace so I had to do some research into how WebFlow works versus SquareSpace, but thank you!

@datalytyks you’re welcome! Do come back to the forum if you’ve got other questions :slight_smile: