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New to Webflow - two questions

Hi there,

I am wondering if one could have a collection/playlist/category of videos automatically get added to a Media Center collection page.

My second question has to do with the publishing template. On the home page, under Latest Videos, how does one add a you-tube video and have the video show instead of an image. Is that possible? I suppose one could take a screen print and save it as a cover for it but is that the best way?

Thanks in advance.

Can you describe this a bit more, I’m not sure I get what you ask.

Sorry I’m confused again, you want to display the video in each of the collection list item, or a cover for the video? if it’s a cover image, I may have a cool solution for you.

I was hoping that the youtube video cover could automatically get pulled from youtube and be listed on the home page.


My first question was whether this page can be recreated:

Oh, ok. I think there are three ways to explore.

The first is very easy but doesn’t offer much freedom to style it in Webflow the way you want, it consists in embedding a Youtube playlist or channel in your page, but it will look like an embed box in your page, you won’t even be able to control the size of it possibly, or the number of videos shown.

The second is to use Webflow API and Zappier, to create a rule that will populate the CMS with new Youtube entries when you post a video on your channel. It will add the video to the CMS and also publish the changes automatically. It requires some skills on how to use the API and Zappier, and possibly a Zappier subscription.

The third way is to use youtube API. This requires the most Javascript coding skills. You’ll probably be able to have a list of videos show on your page, a list that will be retrieved from Youtube when the page loads — so that list data won’t ever resides on the CMS on Webflow side. It will also allow for the most advanced features like being able to play the videos right on your page, the right way, with only one player on the page at all time, and complete control over play pause or load videos. You’ll also be able to possibly retrieve more infos about the videos then you can with Zappier (I suppose). Using Youtube API is free.

An API is a kind of manual to use the back end functions of an application. Webflow APi allows for other apps and services to connect to your sites and read or add data into it. Youtube API allows for the same, read data and post data. An API allows you to write a program that will manage data, reading and posting, from an app or a service to another.

Thank you very much for your thoughtful reply. Sounds like one would need coding skills to be able to get this done so it is a bit beyond Webflow no code claim. Is there an easier way to do it? Am I not thinking of something simpler? Or is this something that one without coding experience can feasibly learn to do? Perhaps, hiring someone to do it is the solution?

1st and second solutions are still not using code. They require to read documentation and the second also requires to use Zapier, which is a no code app for creating complex automations between services. Both Webflow and Zapier are perfect illustrations of the no code movement. This movement goes forward, the road is long, but look at how many advanced features both Webflow and Zapier released this year, it’s outstanding.

Not using code won’t necessarily means it’s goin to be magic right away. Magic will happen when an Ai understand the problem and do a complex job for you or before that, when a feature has been developed exactly for your needs. No code means doing things visually with real time output. Take After Effect as an example. Years ago, post production was purely code. Now, After Effects does the job but still requires to understand an manage — this time visually — complex hierarchies and dependencies between objects and effects, it makes my head spins often. With Webflow and Zapier, it is sometimes the same: it’s no code, it’s visual and instant, but it’s complex.

That’s how I see no code.

There is, and you’re right to think that. I’m pretty sure there are Wordpress plugins that render the use of the Youtube API accessible to anyone in no time. Someone has coded a plugin that does just that. When Webflow will have extensions, and they repeatedly said it was a priority, you’ll be able to use or buy such an extension, I’m sure. It’s around the corner I feel but not just right now.

100%. Zapier is a visual tool and it’s easy to learn to use it. Check the Webflow University to see what they have about it.

It’s always a solution. Just make sure you can somehow control the code that’s delivered and don’t end up being dependent on a coder too often for your site.

But I would recommend to try to learn the Zapier route. Prefer invest in someone or some courses who help you understand Webflow APi and Zapier rather than “lose” time and money on pure custom JS code.

Thanks so much for taking the time to explain it as you did. It makes good sense and I will try to learn the Zapier route.

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