New to Webflow—need help with current setup


First time using Webflow and also using third-party code.

I’m using a third-party plugin to make a custom carousel. I want to remove the bottom navigation since its creating unnecessary spacing, and it isn’t needed.

Also, I’m using Webflow CMS to work with the pug-in code, but it’s not allowing me to play video; they are linked within the CMS. Any help with this? (Video is under the Juice work)


Here is my site Read-Only: []

Here is my site Edit: (

Where I got the code from

@Blas_Madera, I’m assuming you want to get rid of the dots below carousel, not the arrows? They can both be removed using options in your custom script, simply add this property:

dots: false,

If this is the last option in your script, simply remove the comma at the end.


I think your second issue stems from this:


I’m guessing you’re trying to get both images and videos to show up, but it’s only pulling in the images or something is conflicting when it tries to pull both types in. It may be caused by the extra div for the embed as well:

I’m actually not sure what you can do about this other than not using collections - someone else may have an idea though.

Hey Sam,

Thanks for the help! Unfortunately it didn’t work, I’ll try to search for another third-party code.

Removing the dots didn’t work? I’m looking at your site and they seem to be gone now:

Is that not what you were trying to accomplish?