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New to Webflow: Navigation Symbol Issues

Hi there! I am new to Webflow and came across an issue I can’t seem to figure out a solution to. I am working with symbols for the navigation. I wanted to have an instance that has a different colored background (which I figured out) but also a different text color (which I cannot figure out).

On the homepage, I wanted a standard navigation (symbol) of white background and dark text links.

On contact page, which I have unlinked as a symbol, I wanted a gradient background and an alternate logo in white, which again I figured out, but for some reason if I make the link text white instead of the standard black, it affects the symbol-nav on the homepage. Despite contact page navigation being unlinked as a symbol.

Am I missing something here? Thanks in advance!
Apologies if this is a repeated question - I’ve been scouring the forums but may not be using the right terms.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Here is my site “published” until I move it to my domain:

Is bumping a thing on here? Still having this issue, sadly! TIA.

Not sure how to delete a post, but this has been resolved! :grinning: Thanks anyway!