New to webflow and it is very hard to learn when the software is lags or is broken

Sometimes you change something and nothing happens because of a lag. Sometimes you have to reload the designer. It is very hard to learn and gain confidence when the results are not consistent.

I can’t tell you how man times I watched a tutorial on YouTube and I preform the exact same action and get no result or a different result, then the problem fixes itself after I reload the designer or on it’s own.

Seems like the software becomes broken between viewports. For example while doing a tutorial the div is clearly set to block and I have to set it to flex to get the same results, when the correct setting is block.

I just did the business website tutorial on webflow’s YouTube channel and the content is out of date. The interface is different and some of the features have been changed or completely removed making it impossible to finish the project.

Lots of frustration and time wasted. There is no reason to keep old and outdated tutorials on your YouTube, it is better to have nothing. Not a pleasant experience.