New to Webflow and an Intro Question

Hi Everybody.
I am completely new to Webflow but it looks very interesting I normally use Wordpress.
If I am trying out the free version for now, can I use my own URL and is there any Webflow advertising on the demo website I build to try out the platform.
Thanks Victor

Hello @Victor2020 I think the free version doesn’t remove the Webflow branding, you can check that from the project settings. Webflow has two parts, site plans and account plans, the account plans are to actually use the tool. Site plans are to launch/host. All site plans have the custom domain.

Thanks Graphic Logic. yes you are right I have looked into more and with the free version you have to use their URL, your site will have their branding and you can have only 2 pages so I dont think it is worth the effort to learn a new web development system.
I think they would get more people interested if they gave people a limited free version without branding etc. and then it gives people more incentive to try out the system and upgrade to a paid plan which are quite expensive compared to wordpress but thats just my opinion
Thanks for your quick reply and have a good day.
Cheers Victor

You’re right it’s a bit more expensive but honestly it’s a great product, super intuitive and powerful. Also the CMS is really easy to use for clients.

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