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New template flow missing latest template or dates ;(


I sometimes bounce into the Webflow templates to check out what is the latest and greatest, but with the new layout, I cannot sort by latest / newest templates… I’m almost 100% sure the template section allowed for this before the update.

Am i missing something in the UI or can I request you put in a filter order by date or price .

The tag cloud doesn’t allow me to the get this job I’m trying to do, which is see what new templates came out that I can buy. Leaving money on the table webflow :wink:


1 Like Shows you the newest added templates.

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Thanks for the feedback @LvnLife! We built it in Webflow and currently we dont support filtering by date or price. As for seeing the latest we always show the latest at the very top.

We’re also thinking of adding a “New” link in the top bar next to “Free” to make it more clear.