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New styles/classes on top in Style Manager

When you have a lot of styles and you add a new style, it goes waaaay down on the bottom in the Style Manager. That’s rather impractical when going to the style manager (to delete or rename). Isn’t it more logical and practical to place them on the top?

What about new additions on the top being the default sort order, plus an option to sort them alphabetically (much easier to find a previous added style).

[Edit: Some modifications to make it more clear]

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I don’t really get it… you create a class and then the next thing you do is going to the Classes list to… change its name?(Because it’s the only thing you can do in there).

What do you mean? Did I say it’s the next thing you do?

But sooner or later you’ll go to the style manager (at least I will), and the odds are far greater that I’m going to something (delete/rename) some of the later styles I’ve used, rather than the earlier ones.

Agreed. I would also prefer to have them at the top. and have them sorted alphabetically.

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