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New Style Panel Feedback

look to wislist

please check also the transparency colorbutton: change it back to the original again = to a white background with grey squares…

look also for the wish for value HEX #R#G#B with arrows up/down
together with HSLa

Thanks a lot also to integrate a dropdownlist for global colors!

Can u guys please keep the old Style Panel (as with Legacy interactions). I’m having a hard time to be as productive as I was even so I tried to actively use the new panel last week.

And please consider UI/UX consultant to look into it for the nex iteration, feels like someone in your team is way too attached to their own ideas/solutions (cause that new Style Panel is obviously not more enjoyable but should be).


Throwing in another two cents, I expected this to have been mentioned so I may have missed it –

Entering values in the style panel: before when you selected and deleted a value in a field, it would default to AUTO. Currently when you do that, it retains the value that was in the field before you pressed delete. Finding this adds a fair bit of friction

It helps a lot to be in full res., but still happens quite a bit. I haven’t found a pattern with when it happens yet but I can try if you need.
It would be nice to still be able to work in zoomed res. on bigger monitors and from the couch etc. but not the end of the world…

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Just here to put in my vote that I actually LIKE Center Horizontal…I understand and adore flex as well but some things are just as simple as 1 click. Let’s not lose that please :disappointed:


@Lindapham I may have a unique situation but I’m using a Wacom Cintiq tablet as my input device and as such don’t have a built-in scrolling mechanism without activating a separate scroll/pan key and holding it while I swipe in the style panel window.

In the old style panel, I can hover over the edge of the style panel and the scroll bar appears so that I can click and drag it. In the redesigned panel, the scroll bar only appears after I’ve already scrolled. This is pretty disruptive to my workflow. Can you return to the previous behavior of having the scroll bar appear on hover instead of after initiating a scroll action?

I’m using Chrome Version 72.0.3626.121. Thanks for your consideration.

Actually you are not the first or even the second who have problems with that! See here for example.

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Everything is multi-click now.
I looked at the comparison between the old and new, the amount of condensed space is only like 13 pixels, but it’s causing me to make extra clicks for everything.
I really don’t know why it was changed… OG one is perfect.

For instance on the extra clicks, for the background image area… you now click the plus sign to add image, color or gradient… two clicks vs one.
Many others that way now.


Please bring back the ONE CLICK access to the different position settings. The two click flow of the new style panel is slower. Thanks for listening to user feedback.

Getting used to the panel.

The only issue I’m having is it’s difficult to see the numbers on the panel (maybe it’s the outer glow). Currently, the color is blue and the greyish-black background makes it difficult to see.

I think we can make a better contrast with the colors. Possibly use white or another color that contrasts better.

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Is it possible to fix the problem with changing values when sliding to the right?



Hi everyone. I hope you all have been enjoying the input changes. As promised in my last post, we reviewed the request to bring the Center button back for easy access and…

While we wait for this, you can do the same by opening the spacing popover, hold down Option or Alt and clicking on Auto. 2 clicks… but soon it will be one.

Other things in progress

  1. Center button
  2. Scrollable color popover
  3. On-hover show scrollbar (thanks @cjc for bringing this to our attention)
  4. White transparency background (cc: @KarelRosseel82) – SHIPPED
  5. Default values as placeholders (so that problem of “au20to” @amyerson12 mentioned won’t happen anymore) – SHIPPED

@bro-design yea this was also a problem with the legacy panel. I’ll write up a bug report for this to see if there’s anything we can do


That’s three clicks - you still need to close that popover :wink:

But why not literally in the central space in the padding-margin rectangle? That’s just… the most logical way to do, no?

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  1. Agreed that when you bring back the center button it should be in that empty space in the center of the spacing ui. Way more intuitive than putting it in the title bar.
  2. Thanks for making the display modes accessible via one click again. Please do the same for position modes. You can easily fit the 5 icons needed there.
  3. I think the collapsible title bars for Layout, Spacing, Size, and Position are redundant and take up too much vertical space for no added functionality other than collapsing the sections. Please recombine these sections into just Layout like in the original UI. Then we can see everything down to the top of the typography section with a single glance!

Hey Philip, I don’t want to derail the thread, and certainly don’t disagree with an assumption of being different teams. My simply question would just be which team IS working on concerns for business users and professional agencies, security features, faster hosting and performance, filling in the basic functionality holes and white-labelling? When the response to a security bug is to submit it to the wishlist rather than resolve it and when issues such as the above remain unresolved for more than 2 years in the wishlist despite IX2, ecommerce, a downgrade to cloudfront, etc all rolling out within the same timeframe, that’s what I’m worried about.

I would truly be prepared to pay more for my team plan if I felt my needs as an agency and our clients needs were being addressed and up until recently was paying for a couple of redundant accounts unnecessarily because I appreciated the consideration and support. In the past few months I just feel that webflow is leaving it’s originally targeted agency, business and enterprise users behind rather than sharing the balance of development availability with its newer mass-market customers.

Will start new thread…


Wow that was fast! Thanks!

I tried reproducing my other common issue mentioned but couldn’t trigger the bug. Might be a specific circumstance. I’ll try to reproduce and movie it next time I run into it.

please can you also check @Lindapham
color lightbleu should be for example black… for better color-contrast and because Auto is not a real value-number!

  1. the mouse scrollwheel is never used… this should need to do the same effect as alt/option + clickmouse + go up/down with the mouse!
  1. the color value with the alt/option mouseup numbers? is very difficult… first there must be a value higher then zero before you can scroll up… does anyone has the same problem?

  2. the alt/option does not yet work for animation X Y Z values… please add this as soon as possible

animation Panel:
the icons for show/hide in the animationpanel are not yet changed to the new!


Hi everyone! As announced here, we are shutting down the old style panel today. We will also ship the following two items:

  1. Center button
  2. Scrollable color popover
  3. On-hover show scrollbar (will be shipped later today).

We are going to close off this thread so that you can write individual forum posts per bug report or feedback. This will make it easier for our team to sort through each report and triage them accordingly.

Thank you again for all of your feedback and patience.