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New Soccer Vlog site just launched

I want to announce the launch of my daughter’s soccer vlog,

This is my first site in Webflow. My goal was to find a platform that my 15 year old daughter would be able to update easily. I looked at competitors but the combination of having a very easy cms and blogging platform in one, led me to go with Webflow. Now she can add photos, videos and blog about her passions and do it with ease. Many thanks to all those in the community who helped me, especially Alan who gave me a crash course to get me up to speed in Webflow. I’m still a newbie but learning every day.

I welcome constructive comments to help me improve the site. Thank you!


That’s awesome @Roderic, really nice to see the involvement there :slight_smile: Fantastic :slight_smile:

One thing I noticed, when looking at the news posts, is that the paragraph styling might use a little css styling love :slight_smile:

I might suggest perhaps to change the font a bit on the headline and paragraphs, make it a little smaller, and align the title with the paragraph. Take a peek at this article:

Dropping an image into the Rich Text field in the CMS, will also bring this post alive, or some video directly in those posts, like related videos :slight_smile:

Also, maybe adding some date and author information of the posts, will help to give the news articles more context (new articles, recent articles, etc)

I can see great things coming on this site :slight_smile:

Dave, Thanks for the tips. It’s all helpful. The fun part is that this is a continuous work in progress. The article link was also very helpful, thanks.

I thought about showing Rayna how to drop an image into the rich text field, but her articles are rather short in length. And, with the large image on top I wasn’t sure how this would look. Let me play around with it and also see if I can get her to write more.

Thanks again!