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New Site With CMS for a Marketing Agency!

Hey guys,

Had a rush job come in from a client around 2 weeks ago for a redesign and rebuild of an existing website.

You can find the end result here…

There were certain things we couldn’t budge on, such as the heading font used in the hero / image sections at the top of pages. They’ve used it across all of their internal materials and need to keep some parity with them.

Some nice little perks I set up include a CMS collection for social media items that updates links across the site in one place.

Still got some content to port across from their old blog and they have some more case studies to add…

Would love to hear your thoughts!




A really nice website @JoeMillion

Just a few questions:

  • why the clouds?
  • why the irrelevant stock footage for the news section?
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Thank you Anna.

  • Blue Yonder, the sky, clouds. It’s their thing. They’d rather be a bit more expressive than corporate as their website isn’t a primary tool for acquiring new business.
  • Good point. Some of them need changing, and originally didn’t have images attached to them. It was a pretty tight deadline. I’ve left it down to them.
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Welcome Joe.
Hope to see more of your work in the near future :slight_smile:

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Good job @JoeMillion !!

Careful here missing images


Well done. Don’t we always love a rush job with no images provided :slight_smile:

Perhaps you can ask for an increase in price and tell them you can do some flex box magic on the latest stories on the home page and here Perhaps some masonry here:

But like I said. Well done. I like the single post pages with the author and sidebar.

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It is good agency, now i use slon media company.

What did you use for the Instagram widget?

Looks like lightwidget was used. I’ve used it on at least one project and it works well with a few options.

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Ok, yeah I’ve seen Lightwidget… Looks cool. And seems to be good and the responsive feature is nice. Only can you choose to show less thumbnails for different media queries? So it doesn’t just get smaller?

Off hand, I don’t know. I suppose that you could use different code from Lightwidget at your different breakpoints if it doesn’t. But not sure how that would impact load time.