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New Site: Red Shepherd

Here’s a new CRM Software website I’ve been working on. Just waiting on the client to approve and get set up to go live.

Feedback and comments on how I could improve is much appreciated and welcomed

the link for “pricing” is invalid

404 - Sorry, this page does not exist.

ahh. i forgot that I have it set up on my site as well. its optimized for that. try here:

Careers / Get Started

  • does not have a URL set for it.

Invite Staff to Join You / More Detailed Info

  • may sound strange… but I didn’ see the big red circle with the white X for a few seconds.
  • I would put the X at the upper left of the white modal background. Just my preference.

Other than that… everything looks good :smile:

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Thank you! and its going to get linked by the client. They have their own system for careers,

On the close; was debating that as well. Thank you :smiley:

Nice design, very big impact!

The red icons on home, they appear a bit clurry, because you don’t use them at their respective original size. You could improve a lot on that by making them SVG so that you don’t care abt their size.

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Thank you! that was originally the plan but I forgot lol