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New site not showing on Google?


I migrated to our new webflow site a few days ago.

Google has not picked up any of the new pages yet.

Do I have to do anything on webflow seo? I figured it would happen automatically?

Also when I go to settings of each page nothing is there? Why isnt this generating automatically?

Hi @rdngon the SEO in Webflow need to be done by you. This can’t be generated. I also suggest you do 301 rederictions from the old pages and go to Google Search Console and do updates to your site. Tell Google to do a new search after you have updated the SEO setting

thank you! Is there any checklist one can follow to make sure basic seo stuff is done?

Not that i know about: this is how i do it:

  1. SEO settings Webflow
  2. 301 Redirect in Webflow
  3. Uppdating Google Search Console with new stemap.xml (for all variations)
  4. Telling Google Search Console to run updates on all variations of the site like with and without www, also with http and https

Perfect, thanks a lot!!