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New Site for Arc app

Hey, just wanted to share a recent site I made in webflow for an app I’m working on with a friend called ‘Arc’.

SVG animations were done using jQuery & CSS keyframes placed in the custom code section.

I’d love for someone to help me debug the carousel a bit:

The slides where the text appears/disappears within the slide will become out of sync after a minute or two. It’s a bit of an edge concern because I doubt many users will have this page up that long, but bothers me nonetheless. I’ve looked at the timing quite a bit and can’t pinpoint the mistake. Thanks for helping if you can find it!


Beautiful @taylorpoe1
Love the animations and colours. I’ve seen this out of sync issue before, I think it is acutally to do with how the browser renders it over time rather then webflow itself.

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Thanks, @jaidenleach! Good to hear it wasn’t me — thought I was going crazy with the timing. Even put it all in an spreadsheet to analyze.

I found a workaround: I put a carousel within a carousel. Not the exact grow/shrink/fade-in/out effect I was looking for, but at least stays in sync now.

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I would say just WOW! … but forum wants minimum 30 symbols :smile:

Fantastic work yet again @taylorpoe1 :slight_smile: Nice SVG animation as well, simple and elegant. :slight_smile:
Your work is incredible. :smile: and inspired me to make some css animations on my own site. :slight_smile:


@taylorpoe1 haha yea you’re deffs not going crazy, I’ve had those days!
Seems like a great work around to me :slight_smile:

Thanks, @sabanna :smile:

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Thanks, @Waldo_Broodryk! I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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