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New Site 🍪🌪 Cookies for the Caribbean

Check out the site, feedback welcome!

This project started when my friend Anna needed help setting up a website. The site would be used to help raise disaster relief funds supporting those in the Caribbean and Peurto Rico affected by the 2017 hurricanes.

Anna is a talented pastry chef at the Breakers in West Palm Beach. She planned to use her passion for baking to do good for those in need. I felt like this was an opportunity to match her goodwill and donate my service. Anna’s love for baking joined with my fascination with branding and design, has created something to be proud of.


I like it very much. Great balance between that 90s retro look and new trendy looks with part brutalism part… I have hard time putting words on this. How do you define this style? You’re surely better than me to name it.

Plenty of lovely illustrations and designs on your dribble and behance, I started following your there. I will take inspiration for sure. You’re very good at chosing colors. I love things like the Top Secret shot, the Flight to Tokyo one, and… did you design those nikka bottles? I want to grab them from the screen :smiley: You’re talented!

Oh and people make home made Oreos? hmmmm

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Thank you for all the love and kind words vincent!

I don’t know what I would call the style. I’ve never thought about what my style is. I appreciate good typography and believe it constitutes as one of the major earmarks of a good designer, whatever the medium. Also, I pay close attention to what the purpose of something is. Why is it here and what is it going to be used for. I think this directs some of the earlier decisions with a project.

In the case of, the primary goal was to make people feel happy. I appreciate the idea of taking something that was horrible and scary and doing the opposite. That’s where the bring colors come from and simplistic openness of the site. It’s supposed to reflect the emotion of happiness/love. We explored a larger color palette in the early stages, that played off all of the colors from each nation’s flag that was affected by the storms. I loved the concept but as we got further into how the brand would work on the site, the colors were drastically reduced. I also wanted to incorporate some elements that would reflect part of the experience, that being, the mail service. So there’s stamps, letters, and seals. A little less obvious and more obscure is the pattern that was created (shown as the background in the menu flyout). This was actually the inside of an envelope I had in my office that I scanned in. I like the look of it and remember the pattern for some reason when I thought of an envelope. It’s really vague but I think the texture gives it a good vibe and some rhythm. It balances out the flat colors as well.

Thanks for the follows. I appreciate that. That top secret one was really fun. I didn’t design the nikka bottles. Those are the product of the whiskey flight so I was using them as a “fleet” They do look lovely though and make me thirsty. Thanks again for the compliments, I’m happy you appreciate the work and hopefully feel inspired (even if it’s to drink whiskey).

Oreos are super delicious by the way. Order some!



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Super elegant site! Great job on this.

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Hey bud, looks super great! Love the colour palette.

Not sure if you’re already on this, but your images are enormous!

1.6mb for Left Cookies and 2.3mb for the 2 doz Oreo image.

You gotta TinyPNG those suckers :wink::v:

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Noticed significant lag/stuttering.

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Yo, thank you!

Those are some BIG cookies. Good looking out Sean, thx.

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