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New Site: Blog + Foxycart

Hi guys,

First time posting up here! I recently launched a new version of this website for a company called VCE Study Guides. It’s a resource-heavy blog, with brand new e-commerce capabilities built in using @foxy.

I’ve transferred the actual site to my client already (which is the one that’s going to be continually updated), but here’s the version on my public account:

Here’s the maintained version:

We designed it to be friendly, fun and youthful, yet with premium trimmings, hence the high, soft shadowing, rounded corners, and interactivity. We’re going to continue working on the usability of the website over the next few weeks and months.

Would love any feedback you guys have!


Hi @jshlii!
Amazing job on the site and with customizing the Foxy templates! Keep up the great work!


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