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New site a couple of questions!

Hello out there.

Im building a new site, and need help with a couple of things.

  1. Is it possible to shrink the left side-bar so it gets smaller when you look at the design on a smaller screen. (if you look at the design on a 15" laptop the testimonials ind the sidebar disappears.
  2. I can’t make the spacing from the first menu bar to the “logo” smaller.



margins on the “brand” element

That’s part of your work, to make your site work for every screen height. Either make the menu scrollable or…

Hi @vincent thanks for always being so active :smile: and fast with all my questions. Its a pleasure.

  1. Ahh I see the padding now. - Thanks.

  2. Regarding the sidebar. If I doesn’t want the the menu scrollable, is there not a solution to make it fit smaller screen sizes? So it moves down just like the main picture?

Not that easy. With JS you could set some shrinking behavior depending on the height of the browser. If all elements heights were set in %, they would also shrink down, but the font-size would not. I’m not very keen on finding an exact solution for what you’re lloking for becaue I don’t think it’s a good idea, design-wise. (sorry)

Hi @vincent thanks for your reply.

I see your point design wise. I think I will try somehow to make the testimonials smaller so it will fit on a smaller screen :slight_smile: