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New showcase item - ESMO Network

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to show off this new website. Any feedback is welcome.




Very cool. I like it the page-on-load effect very much. :slight_smile:

Maybe you can make the logo link back to the top of the page as well?

I’m guessing the site is not complete?
Because there are quite a few links that don’t work.

This is great! I love the colors and font choice. Fun, but still professional.

One tiny suggestion - maybe change the easing types for each of the dots? It feels odd that they all move into view at the same rate. A little bounce might be nice too?

The minimal navbar and vertical text to the left complement each other nicely. Very very nice!

Oh that’s a keeper! Bold and playful, just the way I like 'em!

For me a little bit weird is the hero dot’s smoothing for parallax on scroll - it doesn’t feel natural that objects not just seemingly move in space because my perspective shifted (I scrolled and moved my view “down”) but “catch up” after me. This never made sense for me seeing people make their parallaxes this way. Try setting your smoothing to 0 and see how natural and responsive the reaction to scroll is.

Hey @bennyhagen

Nice and bold! I like the colors.

@dram I agree. The smoothing is too much I think, but we can argue :smile: