New section shows up underneath previous section instead of below

Hi everyone!

I’ve been struggling to get the next section to show below my hero section instead of underneath it. I’ve tried a solution previously posted on this forum but it’s not working in my situation.

Could anyone explain why this is happening? Please.

Link: Webflow - Citi diagnostic repairs


Hello @Neutoria

As far as I can see there is only one section on the page. Do you mind sharing a loom video of the problem or providing a couple of screenshots so that we can help you?

Flow Ninja Team!

Hi @marko-ninja,

I’ve added another section for you to see what is happening.

Link: Webflow - Citi diagnostic repairs


Heh heh, that was a it of a funny one.
Here’s what you need to change.

Hi @memetican, thanks for taking the time to create the video! I had a nudge it had something to do with my structure, just couldn’t figure it out