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New Section always Fixed to the top

Hi all

When I add a new section to the design, it visually seems to be automatically fixed to the top of the page instead of being placed immediately after the last section.

However, if I look at the Navigator tab, I see the new section in the stack at the very bottom. I made a screenshot to hopefully illustrate what I’m saying

Although I can’t figure out what is going on, I am 110% sure it is something I have done incorrectly haha. Here is a troubleshooting link:

I’ve done a few other sites on webflow (LOVE IT, btw!) and haven’t run into this before, so I’m sure I did something wrong.

Any help is greatly appreciated. As a token of my appreciation, I’ll name my firstborn after you (my wife said that would be ok).


Hi @Ant, it looks like you have set Position to Fixed for a few elements:

You’ll need to click on the blue ‘Position’ link and choose ‘Remove this style’ to reset it back to normal. It looks like you will also need to do that for the hero section. In general, you only want to set Position = Fixed for fixed headers that you don’t want to scroll when the page scrolls.

When you set an element to Fixed, it will always appear in the same spot in the browser (according to the left/top/bottom/right settings in the Position settings), regardless of where that element appears in the Navigator. So that’s why it’s appearing on top even though it’s on the bottom in the Navigator.

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FANTASTIC! U da man! That was totally the problem. I knew it was something I had done wrong haha.

I havta say that ‘Vlad’ is going to an unusual name for my firstborn if we have a girl, but a deal is a deal. :smiley:

Thanks man!


Haha, my pleasure! Please attach the birth certificate to complete this friendly transaction :smiley:

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Haha, will do. Thanks again!

Oh man, please don’t do that to her.

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