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New published website shows 404


I followed the instructions and I don’t understand why it is giving a 404, WHat am I doing it wrong?

Hey @marianorod

that’s kinda vague, since we cannot really know what process you used, which DNS provider, neither the correct URL to inspect. Can you please elaborate more?

the domain is with godaddy.
I did all steps but it gives me a 404 (with the webflow favicon) that is not my 404 but a generic one

I Agree with @gilson, definitely need to see the domain name. not sure why that is an issue tho.

This is the website

Have you tried disconnecting the domain from Webflow and then reconnecting? see if that doesn’t fix your issue?

you mean deleting it from here and conecting again?

It finaly worked puting the www version as default and republishing

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