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New Project Release - Rubicons - Free Sharp Minimal Icons for any Project!

Just launched my new project Rubicons on Product Hunt! Worked quite a bit on this! Built in Webflow with some custom JS and I am really happy with the end product. Would mean a lot of you guys could check out the PH page and share any feedback…


Hey Noah - nice work with the icons! have you thought about animating them to turn into lotties?animation_200_ke1uym27

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Dude, whoa that’s awesome! And yes I have 100% thought about doing that! Was thinking about paying someone very skilled with this to do it! I can do it myself but currently I am working on the filled/solid version of the set. This is great though!

I would love to collaborate on this with you - I have some time I can dedicate to this - if you would like! - no need to pay :slight_smile: I enjoy this quite a bit!

let me know if you are interested and then we can talk some details!

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Hi @Noah-R,

Very cool project, upvoted it.
Website is great, I love the dev-friendly dark ui. Though you could easily fix the horizontal scroll with width: 100% instead of 100vw, just letting you know, not a critic.

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So weird because I don’t remember setting it to VW. I just changed it though, I appreciate it! Can you check for me to see if that issue is gone on your end?

Oh man, that’s awesome! I appreciate that! I am in the middle of 2 big projects at the moment but when I get some time to think haha, I will write you back to discuss it further. Would be fun man. Thanks a lot!

@Noah-R, all good on my end.