New problem displaying past youtube live videos

We have a “past messages” page for our church website, where we use CMS to display sermons as posted on Youtube. These youtube links were initially live, but are archived on Youtube. Up until the other day, all of these links were working fine. But as of yesterday (when I noticed it), all of the previously live videos display the “this live event is no longer available message.”

I haven’t changed the links, but verified that they are, in fact, the correct links - not the link to the weekly live stream. And if I copy the link from the CMS and paste into the browser, it goes to the Youtube page which plays the video just fine.

I can’t see how this would be a Youtube issue, but maybe I’m wrong. Any ideas?


Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Millersburg Christian Church)

It looks like it’s either a new limitation or a bug with YouTube. If you open the link in YouTube and click Share, then Embed, it shows a preview on the left with the same message. But if you start clicking various checkboxes, it will appear normally, then go back to the error.

It’s most likely a bug. I would display a banner on the media page of your site addressing the issue and provide a link to your YouTube channel.

If it’s still showing the error after a week or two, I would replace the video component with a link block/card using the live stream URL which would link the user directly to the video on YouTube.

That makes sense. I’ll hope for a fix on youtube’s end for now and then do like you said soon.