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New Portfolio Site: I Need Feedback!

Hello everyone!

I have recently created a new portfolio site. I’d love feedback, suggestions, etc.

I do need help with the hand showing up on hover on non-links. Also help with the horizontal bar showing upon the button menu showing up would be great.


Anyways, the only button that works right now is the About Us Button. I will create sections for the others later on. Right now, I just want to refine what I have.

Thanks! :smiley:

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That looks awesome! Really interesting unique design. I really like the highlight effect.

Here are a few things I would change from a design standpoint. The back button arrow. I’d personally use a nicer arrow from fontawesome to give it a bit more impact and/or turn the whole thing into a button instead of just text.

I’d also make the X button on the about popup a little more pronounced.

The last thing is more a functionality thing. Your text is flickering on safari due to the animations. This is a common problem in webflow. The fix I use on all my sites is below. Just paste into your head code.

body { -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; }

Otherwise great work!

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Thanks @DFink!

I’ll be sure to make those small design changes tomorrow. One more thing, if I don’t have paid Webflow for the head code, will an embedded code work?

I’m not sure since it has to be applied site wide. Can anyone else chime in?

@DFink In case you missed it, this is my new site:

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Looks good but I would definitely apply the script I wrote above to avoid that text flicker in safari.

Oh yeah, I totally forgot! I’ll add an embedded code.

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