New portfolio builder site NoCoded all built with webflow- Pro membership created

Launched my product last month. Aims to be a Linkedin Esq site for nocode builders. to celebrate launching a Pro membership package ill be creating an in-depth “build your own marketplace with webflow and other nocode tools” course. This will be only on the pro membership package and will cover everything from the design of pages, to set up other tools, to building the update portfolio form, and much more. take a gander and let me know what you think.

So the idea is to make a subscription platform for information about subscription platforms?

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one of many courses mate so kinda yeah but no not really

hmm I think I understand what your saying (new to the business world so not even going to try to fault your logic). I think for me personally, I would clearly love to make a business and sell for millions in a few years time but for know the chances are pretty slim of that happening so I would be more than happy just to play with nocode tools, make tutorials, build a community, do some travel and see where it goes. i have only seen one other course around making a complete marketplace with webflow online and it charges a hell of a lot more than 10 bucks a month. i just want to get it out in front of as many folks as possible and if it doesn’t work, ill stick the course on gumroad charge 300 bucks or something and leave it there. hope you get what I mean sam_sharpe