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New Personal Portfolio (just been nominated on cssnectar too!)

Hey guys

I just finished my new personal portfolio yesterday: all 100% webflow from concept to final site (plus a touch of custom code for the preloader & removing scrollbars).

It’s currently up for site-of-the-day nomination on too - if you get a chance to click the link below & vote (…if you like it!) i’d be really grateful.

Thanks folks!


Voted! Very very nice site, fine-tuned. The layout with margins looks very classy. Some anims are very subtle, like when the portfolio blocks first enter the page and pile up.

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Thanks @vincent - took your advice on animations from my previous template & played it far more subtle this time around :smile:

Can I say 1 thing that bothered/confused me?

Your portfolio title is treated the exact same way as your portfolio entries. Not clickable when the entries are. Very confusing, it doesn’t show up as a section title. Should be bigger, and/or with a different background… Makes sense?

Oh was it the case of “when everything moves nothing moves”? If yes then you really, really made it better IMHO. A year in Webflow and I’m becoming very difficult on these enter screen anims. The subtle piling up is well achieved, something I’m definitely going to use one day :smile:

Thanks Vincent - point notes on the Portfolio title - I think I may update the font sizing in a subsequent update.

I feel the same way about animations at the moment. I went through a phase of when I start in Webflow of using them EVERYWHERE because it was so easy…nowadays I try and be a little more restrained :smile:

UPDATE: Somehow managed to win Site of The Day on CSS Nectar (thanks for the vote @vincent !), nominated for HTML Awards (didn’t win, but a nomination is still cool) too, with an Awwwwards nomination in the works also.

Not too shabby for my first portfolio :smile:

Did I mention that I LOVE webflow?!