New Personal Portfolio finally online!

Hi everybody! This is my very first website, and it is a showcase of all my works as a 3D Artist

I choose webflow because I am no coder, nor a web designer, so I needed an intuitive tool to allow an easy workflow. I wish to thank the webflow staff who was so quick and efficient answering my questions. I also must thank @edercarfagnini, who helped me so much building it, could’t have done it without you, pal!
Hope you enjoy it!


Really nice ! Great job @AliceLomiry :slight_smile:

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Well done @AliceLomiry.
Great 3D work there as well :wink:

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beautiful work! :smiley:

WOW Alice @AliceLomiry bravissima! :heart_eyes: Great 3D work and also love the website.

In bocca al lupo :heart:

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Thank you everybody for your support! I’m so glad you like it! Webflow proved to be such a good platform, I would surely recommend it


Awesome site and work!
Few questions for you! Did you weave in custom code outside of Webflow?
Specifically, how did you build the portfolio sorting functionality? Did you use a portfolio cms starter template?
I also like the custom scroll bar. I’m guessing you created this outside of Webflow?
And last, what did you use to style the Google map? Very nice.

Sorry for the barrage of questions! Such a cool site!!

Thanks @AliceLomiry, but I’ve only helped you with some technical matters. All the design is yours! Great work! :wink:

My website is not featuring CMS, but yes there is some custome code here and there. For the gallery I relied on this other designer’s work: by @sabanna.
For the scrollbar I used a script by @bennyhagen (you can find it at How to give scrollbars a custom style?).
And for the map styling, there are some filters you can use inside webflow as standard tools, no custom code there :slight_smile: