New per-page password protection/ security

Hi @callmevlad @brryant

Exciting news re the proposed changes.

Could you explain a little further about the potential for the per-page password protection that’s soon to be released (coupled with the SSL)? Is it simply the ability to password protect an individual page or could one secure sections of sites?

Could the site accommodate multiple login/password details to enable multiple users to individually and uniquely gain entry to the password protected area of the site? How secure is this facility i.e. if someone knew the url to a page beyond the login/password protected page, could they gain access?

Is this applicable to static pages or CMS/Dynamic pages too?

Your comments would be most appreciated.



Hi - any feedback on this one?

Each page will have an option to be password protected individually, with different passwords for each page.

If a user moves into any password protected page, the user will have to key in the password for that particular page, even if the password is the same for other pages.

That will unlikely be what will be released. No news on membership registration and login, which is already requested elsewhere on the wishlist category.

There is no “beyond” here. Each page can be individually protected by a single password.

Pages only, but probably will be extended to CMS items in future with no ETA.

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Thanks for the reply.
However, are you just effectively guessing or do you know the above for a fact?

See this official response

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