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New Online Portfolio

Finally, I have launched my new website -!

It has been more than a year since I have last launched my [old website][1] (Done using Webflow too). Just a few weeks back, I have decided to kick off and complete the re-design process. I have decided to take up the challenge by building it all on my own. Everything was completely created from the scratch using Illustrator, Photoshop and Webflow for the front-end development. It is fully responsive and look great on any screen resolution.

I wanted to give it a fresh new look and keep it as clean and simple at the same time. My new website showcases my [latest work][2] with detailed case studies for each project. As you can see, I have rebranded my personal logo as well. Gold and black are used as the brand mark colors as these two colors often associated with premium and high quality services.

As always, if you have any projects in mind, you can contact me at Be sure to check back soon for more upcoming news!

Daru Sim


Nice one! I might steal your footer idea =)

You old site was nice but the new one has a much stronger DNA! They grey and orangy yellow is very elegant, letter spacing very effective. And I agree with @jorn the fixed footer is a nice detail. Kudos.

Well done @darusim_ws! I really love the Blog section too. This is quite impressive how much different your new design is in just a year. Really enjoyed clicking all around your site!

@Chance_Percival, @vincent, @jorn, Thanks for the kind comments. Hope you guys like it.

Daru Sim

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I really like your new website. Great you put your old site as well so we can see the road you’ve taken since last year :) Keep up good work!

On the other hand I have to - again - say few words about optimization and mobile-friendly.

The last 3 images from the u-pustaka project are not only over 200KB… they are over 300KB! To be precise it’s 391KB, 388KB and 413KB.


  • 2.introduction.jpg - 454KB
  • 800x600.jpg - 211KB
  • christmas-dribbble.png - 316KB
  • mybrainlab.jpg - 296KB
  • oxy.png - 443KB
  • rms.jpg - 209KB
  • scerisequenec-_2x.jpg - 222KB


  • u-pustaka-hero.jpg - 207KB
  • u-pustaka-mobile-look.jpg - 391KB
  • u-pustaka-visual.png - 388KB
  • u-pustaka-wireframe.png - 413KB


  • mybrainlab-collateral-designs-2.jpg - 219KB
  • mybrainlab-collateral-designs.jpg - 251KB
  • mybrainlab-hero.jpg - 242KB
  • mybrainlab-sketches.jpg - 208KB
  • mybrainlab-website-design-development.png - 2.5MB!


  • gridbear-collateral-designs-1.jpg - 202KB
  • gridbear-sketches.jpg - 224KB
  • gridbear-website-design-development.png - 2.9MB!


  • monzter-collateral-designs-1.jpg - 287KB
  • monzter-collateral-designs-2.jpg - 636KB
  • monzter-collateral-designs-4.jpg - 253KB
  • monzter-hero.jpg - 317KB. There is a pattern going on. Why don’t you simply use the pattern and have a gradient in CSS behind it?


  • rms-hero.jpg - 359KB
  • rms-sketches.jpg - 246KB
  • rms-website-design-development-1.jpg - 952KB
  • rms-website-design-development-2.jpg - 379KB
  • rms-website-design-development-3.jpg - 373KB
  • rms-website-design-development-4.jpg - 340KB


  • thecube-mobile-look.jpg - 440KB
  • thecube-visual.png - 824KB
  • thecube-wireframes.png - 314KB


  • logofolio-hero.jpg - This one is not over 200KB, but it has a pattern
    and plain background. Why not using PNG as pattern? It would minimize
    the file to below 5KB.

I’m not going to go through blog posts. You see the problem here, at least you should. Keep your images below 200KB so they are visible at all devices (mobile). Eg. iOS doesn’t show images over 250KB for some reason. On some Android devices they are not visible if over 200KB! Windows Phone seems to handle them on newer devices, but sometimes it gets buggy over 200KB. So try to keep it low-size :)

Just to clarify, I don’t want to point that you did something bad and you should feel sorry. No! I just want to show you the mistakes that all of us did once, but thanks to people around us we managed to solve those issues and we know now how to handle them :)

Good luck!


Hi @bartekkustra, just saw your feedbacks recently. Thanks for pointing that out.

I had compressed and reupload the images and again, thank you for taking your time to point out my mistakes. I really do appreciate it.


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