New Navbar when scrolling in next section

I am currently looking for an option to change the looks of the navigation when the user has scrolled to the 2 section and it makes up 100% of its view. (video attached)

HI @soz!

You should add a read only link to your request so we can better understand what you had done thus far and what needs to be done in order to get there…

Please read about how to get a READ ONLY link of your project.

thank you for replying. I actually haven’t started yet I’ve only experimented around. So I cannot share a link with you because at the moment there is nothing to share.

but I am still looking for a solution concerning the navbar.

I have now started with the project here is my link

Hi @soz,

I am not sure exactly what you would like to achieve - can you try and explain it better? because the link you have provided has the nav changing as you scroll… what needs to be different?