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New Independent Tool Needed: Generate List from JSON

There are some limitations with Webflow’s built-in lists. So far, I haven’t found a reliable way to filter by logged in user with Memberstack.

If there’s an independent tool that can generate HTML using JSON from an Airtable base, that could make member-specific content much more secure and versatile. That would make bookmarks, custom carts, and purchase history possible.

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Hey Brian :wave: Love where you’re going with this. The first thing that comes to mind is @cspags’s Jetboost. Although that’s primarily for publically available lists of data, I saw he mentioned some exciting new things might be in the works :grin:

One idea is to store data to a member’s JSON object with the front-end API. In this example site, we’re using the Webflow CMS as the source of truth, but storing information about the images people “like” to their JSON objects.

I like the photography website. However, as the description says, it takes a lot of custom code to pull that off.

Based on my experience trying to implement a good number of web-app-type features with minimal code, if someone could start from scratch to build something even more robust, these are the features that would make a Webflow companion tool quite powerful:

  • The ability to filter dynamic lists by logged-in user and show contents from the user’s database record before the data arrives on the client side. That last part is important for security. This would include the ability to submit the logged-in user’s authenticated email or username in a form as a hidden input without exposing the person’s identity to onlookers.
  • The ability to generate lists from data in the form of JSON or CSV so that the list generator could be versatile enough for practically any data source. This would involve a code snippet and dynamic text insertions into the HTML. That HTML would be repeated in the list.
  • The ability to submit forms straight to Airtable, Google Sheets, and other places for data storage.

I know Memberstack+Webflow already has some of this, but not all. Even if it’s 60% of the way, that last 40% is critical.

As far as I know, Jetboost is also missing the ability to filter data based on custom lists. JotForm or something similar might make form management simpler, but there’s also a piece of the puzzle missing with data flows from page to page and click to click.

One goal is to get rid of all database relationships that are only internal, which is why I don’t like relying solely on Webflow’s CMS or any singular data source, even Airtable as much as I like it. The relationships must be made globally through filters so that one system does not conflict with another.

Duncan, I realize that you could wait for Webflow to solve the logged in filtering issue, but their system may not be set up for that. If you create a way to generate lists and filter them (as a designer or web user) all in one tool, that would get people a long way.