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New in WF and posting

Hello guys !
I am still new in webhosting and wanted to ask some questions.

Currently i using WF and WP to build a new site for news purpose and i need to keep posting new information everyday . Is webflow suitable for news site ?
WP or WF is more suitable for it ?

Sorry if my english not really clear .
Thankyou before :grin:

“Posting new info everyday”: this means you need a site that can add content easily, it’s called a CMS, content management system (Wordpress, Blogger, Drupal, Joomla…)

At this time, Webflow isn’t a content management system: it only build Static websites. There is no database, no backoffice to create new content.

You can use webflow and add content everyday with it, it’s not that had compared to a CMS, but you won’t be able to pass 80 or 100 pages, you won’t be able to use tags to sort posts, you won’t be able to archive, unpublish and do all that stuff the CMS do.

Webflow dev team has repeatedly said they were working on a CMS for Webflow, and everybody here thinks it will be part of the next version of Webflow. But so far no one knows when this will happen.

Hope it helps.

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